One on One Coaching.

Duration : 2 Days / 2 Calls a Week for 60 MIN over 4 weeks


Week 1
Module 1
Lesson 1: Advanced personality archetype assessment.
Lesson 2: Studied together to gain fundamental elements and insight in terms of the client.

Week 2
Module 2
Lesson 1: Look at childhood events and major incidents to identify areas of healing. Healing the inner child. Lesson 2: Forgiveness, acceptance and reprogramming

Week 3
Module 3
Lesson 1: Basics to defend against anxiety.
Lesson 2: Understanding the physical and mental effects, especially as professionals.

Week 4
Module 4
Lesson 1: Anxiety controlling tools A.
Lesson 2: Anxiety controlling tools B.

BonusPersonality Archetype Assessment with full performance insights into preferences, branding, strengths and weaknesses.


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