Inspiring Professionals To Transform

Anxiety Coach

Shaheda Daya

I support professionals to overcome anxiety by gaining deeper insight. I continue to guide them towards absolute clarity at work and at home. In a fast-moving world they continue to grow and evolve. With my signature method it will enable anyone to achieve their own version of fulfilment and contentment.

How May I Help You?

Take a look at multiple services on offer.

1 on 1 Coaching

Transformational course, six-to-eight-week program to overcome anxiety. Gain real clarity in your work life and home life.



One on One Live Sessions provided to individuals, couples or to families for support.



Personality archetype assessment with details and insight into preferences, branding, strengths, and weaknesses.

Work With Me

Let me guide and support you in your transition. Let’s work together to reveal your best so that you can shine.
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